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Bishon is an award winning writer living in New York City.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, she moved to NYC to study drama and playwriting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. Her feature length screenplay, NO FURY, and her television pilot, HIRE, have both been shortlisted by The Blacklist / Women In Film for their 2022 feature and 2024 episodic residency programs. NO FURY also went on to rank in the top 15% for the 2023 Nicholl fellowship. 


Bishon's work seeks to pull back the curtain on an intersectional feminine experience under patriarchal systems of oppression. The common thread connecting her work are the messy women at the center - bursting with rage and grief and desire. 


She is currently developing an adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper alongside her interpretation of the legend of the Girl with the Green Ribbon, titled Green Ribbon, as a short horror duology exploring feminine rot. 


She lives in Queens with her partner and two Machiavellian kittens.

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2022 - NO FURY  |  Shortlisted forThe Blacklist /

Women In Film Feature residency program.

2023 - NO FURY | Ranked in the top 15% for Nicholl Fellowship


2024 - HIRE |  Shortlisted for The Blacklist /

Women In Film Episodic residency program.



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